The Long-distance dad story

Ten years ago, Michael received an amazing gift: He was matched as a webcam mentor with Mtuseni, a high school student living in a South African settlement. Despite being 8,000 miles apart with little in common, they quickly formed a deep, mutually life-changing bond. They’ve become a global family for the 21st century.


Thirty years ago this summer, Michael hopped in a car and drove across the country to start a new life out West. It was an unforgettable and transformative journey.



Now, to mark the anniversaries of these two events, we're planning an epic father-son road trip through America. We'll share our adventures and impressions on social media. We’ll also talk with groups about the mutual benefits of mentoring and cross-cultural and intergenerational relationships. We want to inspire others to do the same ... connecting with someone across the world or across town.


Because deep down, we’re all one human family.  


A Long-Distance Dad book that tells the story of our first decade together is in the works. For now, support and share our GoFundMe crowd fund for the trip. Every contribution helps and is appreciated! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. And get ready to join us as we hit the wide-open road September 1!

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Meet Michael 

My Favorites

Food - blueberry pie

TV Show - Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Movie - Central Station

Book - Just Kids (Patti Smith)

Music - 60s/70s soul+R&B

Band - The National 

Place - Florence

Most Excited to See - Ellis Island

Meet Mtuseni

My Favorites

Food - pasta and mince

TV Show - The Blacklist

Movie - The Law-Abiding Citizen

Book - The Good Thief (Hannah Tinti)

Music - gospel

Team - Kaizer Chiefs 

Place - Washington DC

Most Excited to See - Colorado



Two months is a long trip! We need your help to cover gas, lodging and admissions costs.


Click the Donate button to contribute to our GoFundMe. Every dollar helps, and donations of any size are appreciated. And while you're there, spread the word and share our campaign on your social media channels. 

Thank you! And in Mtuseni's native isiZulu... Ngiyabonga!  



America's a pretty big place. And we want to see and share as much as we can. We're mapping our itinerary with a mix of cultural sites such as the African American History Museum in Washington ... scenic areas such as the Grand Canyon ... and quirky places like a local roadhouse with 5-star fish tacos. Half the fun of a road trip is discovery and serendipity!

Know any cool sites we should see? Send them along! 


WHat are we playing?

A road trip always calls for mix tapes. Or whatever they're called these days! Our unofficial theme song for the trip is Antje Duvekot's "Long Way" ...a beautiful song about driving around the country, the experiences you share, and how

travel can change you. Give a listen...

What are your favorite road trip tunes? Send us some tips! 

discover The Book

A Long-Distance Dad book about Michael and Mtuseni's first ten years is in the works. Agent inquiries welcome.


Click to download the pitch sheet.

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